Hardscreen MIGRA Ultrathin CLR screen, extremely flat, no assembly necessary, Made in Germany

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Here are the 4 advantages of the MIGRA Ultrathin compared to a frame screen (hardscreen with back plate can only be sold for self-collection):

  • Unpack, hang up, done. Time-consuming assembly and stretching of the canvas with springs or rubber bands or springs are no longer necessary .

  • The cloth is absolutely flat due to the machine application to the back plate.

  • The thickness of the entire screen including the frame and wall mount is no more than 14 mm . Screen 6 mm + wall mount 8 mm.

  • “MIGRA Ultra Thin” are manufactured in Germany, i.e. “ Made in Germany ”. No import, the product is designed and manufactured in Germany.

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Width of the black frame around the canvas is 10mm.

Pure image area is 100 inches, the canvas including frame has the dimensions: 225.4cm x 128.5cm x 14mm

Pure image area is 103.2 inches, the canvas including frame has the dimensions: 232.5cm x 132.5cm x 14mm

Complex assembly and tensioning of the screen with springs are no longer necessary. The screen is firmly attached to a very smooth and stable plate, then provided with a frame and wall bracket. This is why the screen only protrudes 14mm from the wall. The ALR CLR Pet Crystal screen is absolutely flat and has no waves or bubbles, as it is machine-applied to the back plate. As an absolutely flat, smooth surface is a prerequisite for short-throw projection, the "MIGRA Ultra Thin" is the best choice for your home cinema or office. Unpack, hang up, done.

Our "MIGRA Ultra Thin" screens are manufactured in Germany, i.e. "Made in Germany". No import, the product is designed and manufactured in Germany. The thickness of the entire screen , including the frame and wall mount, is no more than 14mm . The screen therefore hardly protrudes from the wall, hence the "Ultra Thin" name.

Our canvas cloth is a CLR Pet Crystal canvas cloth. This type of canvas cloth has slats that are black on one side (top) and white/grey on the other side (bottom). Here we have CLR cloth that we recommend to you.

These slats are the reason why these screens reflect light very well from one side (from below) but reflect little or not at all from the other side (from above). Ultra short throw projectors use this effect because they only project light from below onto the screen. The screen therefore only reflects the light from the projector but little or no light from other light sources such as windows or ceiling lamps.

The combination of an ultra-short-throw projector with the "MIGRA Ultra Thin" is an adequate replacement for a television. In daylight, the picture quality is a little paler than on a television, but it is still easy to see. But when it gets dark and dusk falls, the size of the screen really comes into its own. Brilliant images in 4k resolution and a cinema feeling are the order of the day. No television can keep up with that; television is a thing of the past.

Recommended CLR screen cloth gain: 0.7

Recommended CLR screen cloth Viewing angle: 175°