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CLR or Fresnel

Sooner than later you will ask yourself the question wich screen is te best to buy for your UST projector. In this Blog I will try bring some light into this question. For an UST projector a flat screen is a must, because the picture quality will increase dramatically. In internet there are alot of different terms floating around e.g. ALR, CLR, Fresnel.

My definition of the terms:

CLR: Ceiling Light Reduction. This kind of fabric blocks the light which comes from top, from the top sides and from the sides higher than the loweredge of your screen.   The surface of this fabric does have lamellos horizontal lamellas These lamellas ar white/bright from the bottom side and black/dark from the top side. This is the reasion for reflection the light just from the bottom side (where the UST projecctor is located) but not the light which comes from the top and from the sides. See photo:

ALR: Ambient Light Reduction. This kind of screen does reduce the reflection of the ambient light at all. Therefor the CLR fabrics are also part of the ALR family. But ALR screens are also so called fresnel screens. ALR is a an umbrella term for all screens which reduce "extraneous light".

Fresnel screen: Fresnel screens are screens which also beling to the family of ALR screens. Fresnel screens block/reduce also extranous light. However this screens do have a printing of a fresnel shaped lense at the fabric, which just reflects the light coming from middle bottom side, but less the surrounding light. See next picture:

Lets come the point now. Which kind of these soll called fabrics, I would call them screens, is the right one for me?


I made some photos in a direct comparison of the both fabrics at daytime and nighttime.

First of all: The vertical stripe at the middle left side is a CLR fabric. Left and right side from the stripe there is a Fresnel screen as basis.

Fotos during daytime: