CLR electric motor screen ceiling and wall mounting

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  • Einfache und schnelle Installation
  • Keine störenden Spiegelungen im Bild
  • Heller und kontraststärker
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Screen diagonal

The quality screen from

This is only suitable for mounting the projector on the ceiling.

If you need one where you place the projector at the bottom front, please send us an email.

You are purchasing a ready-made CLR motorized screen for ultra-short-throw projectors in a white housing. A remote control and a USB trigger for the projector are included.

The screen cloth only reflects the light from the projector, but no/little light coming from other light sources such as windows or lamps. With this screen, the ultra short throw projector must be suspended from the ceiling.

See photo:

The screen consists of a motorized screen, which hangs on the wall or ceiling and extends downwards.

Gain factor: 0.7

Viewing angle: 175°

Our customers’ voices:

This canvas cloth is a CLR Pet Crystal canvas cloth. This type of canvas cloth has slats that are colored black on one side (top) and white/gray on the other side (bottom).

This is the reason why these screens reflect light very well from one side (from above) but reflect little or not at all from the other side (from below). Ultra short throw projectors use this effect because they only project light from an angle onto the screen. The screen therefore only reflects the light from the projector but little or no light from other light sources such as windows or lamps.

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