Screen cloth (standard) ready-made format 16:9

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Dimensions 16:9

To build a video screen yourself, you need a screen cloth, projection film or screen material. You can achieve the best possible film experience if you decide which format you prefer when you buy a screen. With a screen cloth in 16:9 format, you can use the full format for full HD movies. The gain factor, or luminance factor, is essential for displaying the image. We offer our Lux screen cloth with a luminance factor of 1.0. This is ideal for home cinema use. All of our screen cloths are 4K capable. They also support 4K UHD and HD. With a thickness of at least 0.35mm, they are very durable and do not allow any light to shine through the material (blackout). We can cut the screen to size for you on request. Ideal for events where a maximum screen size is required.