S-FCL ALR Fresnel frame screen 16:9 not for ultra short throw projectors, for all other

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You are buying a complete ALR Fresnel frame screen in 16:9 with S-FCL Fresnel screen cloth , not specifically for ultra short throw projectors (UST) but for all other projectors in the size 100 inches. Frame width 10mm slim frame. The wall bracket is included in delivery. The screen comes as a kit and must be put together by you.

This screen is a S-FCL ALR Fresnel screen. The screen only reflects the light from the projector, but no/little light that comes from other light sources such as windows or lamps.

The screen consists of an aluminum frame. The screen cloth is stretched onto this frame with springs. The frame screen is 36mm thick when it is hanging on the wall.

Gain factor: 2.0

Viewing angle: 64°